A Seat At The Table 

CALL OUT - by Toni Lewis and Demi Nandhra



“I think that ‘A Seat at the Table,’ for me, is an invitation to allow folks to pull up a chair, get very close and have these hard uncomfortable truths be shared” - Solange

“This is a show that has come from a powerful brain. It constantly reshapes and reforms itself as it looks at depression from every angle, zooms right in on the personal and charges out into the political.”

A response by Selina Thompson 


"Thank you for opening up such an important conversation."




I'm sick and tired of being sick and tiredAt Buzzcut Festival 2017

I've just got back from Glasgow and would love your feedback/responses to the work. Thank you! 




CALL OUT for interviews for I'M SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIREDa new performance by Demi Nandhra