A Seat At The Table

By Toni Lewis & Demi Nandhra 





No wonder: black feminisms and feminisms of color are archives of anger.

I am not saying, however that all those feelings that have been assumed to be bad feelings, or negative feelings, destructive, lead us to act. Sometimes we are slowed down, even stopped by the heaviness of our affections; it is too much. We can be in too much pain to go out and join in a struggle with others. We can be numb. I respect the need to withdraw in grief. I also know that many reactions that we do not notice because of a withdrawal can still be contributing something, even when we feel they are not. We can at times not be able to do something that is tangible to others but that does not mean we are not doing anything; for some staying alive is work. But happiness too can involve withdrawal. You can turn away from what compromises your happiness to preserve your happiness; you can assume that their pain of strangers has nothing to do with you, the pain of strangers can appear, as strangers appear, at the edges of social consciousness; as intrusions.

Happiness can be a bubble. Sometimes we need the bubble to burst.

— https://feministkilljoys.com/  



Im sick and tired of being sick and tired 


                                       Ann Cvetkovich /  Public Feeling





1) When you push your ‘diversity’ agenda and is framed with the singular intention to ‘diversify 1) the content and 2) the team’ this is hollow and trivial bullshit. Take the word ‘diversity’ out of your title /address/seminar/and put real hefty, substantial words into your catchy title like ‘lets push to decolonise this theatre woo! or ‘lets address the systematic racism in this museum’ or even a bit far fetched but ‘lets look at my OWN prejudices and how that impacts how I programme work’


2) Adding more colourful creatures to your pot doesn’t automatically negate the actual issue that it is still YOUR pot! And with that pot YOU have the power, ownership and MOST importantly the privilege, that you embody and feel in your everyday interactions........


Life is No Laughing Matter previews at A Nation's Theatre Festival and Normal? Festival of the Brain 2016